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At Core Money Engine, we help business owners make more money and work less! 


When we talk to business owners, generally, we hear one of three things: 

  • First, they are discouraged because they can't afford to take a day off let alone think of retirement - they will probably work until they drop.

  • Or, second, they're concerned because they are making just about enough to be comfortable today, but not enough to handle emergencies. If something happens, they honestly don't know what they could do.

  • Or, third, they're troubled because all of their resources have gone into their business and social security probably is the only income source they will have someday when they have to stop working.


Do any of these sound familiar to you?  If so, Core Money Engine can help you.  

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We help these business owners to grow their biggest investment - their business - into an asset that will put them in a more certain financial situation today and will provide them with necessary funds to actually stop working because they have to work to survive and work only when they want at what they want.  That’s what we consider retirement today, right?  No one really believes they will completely stop working.  But wouldn’t it be great to pick and choose what we continue to work at, when, and how much we charge?


Contact us at Core Money Engine today.  We will talk to you about your business to understand the problems and opportunities – for free and confidentially! 

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And here’s the deal:  If we can’t find a way to help you get your business where you’d like it to be and provide you with a 10X payback on your investment in us, we won’t work together.  Period.  That’s right.  For every $1 you invest in us, we want to see you making $10 in profit when we’re done! 


Why do we set this condition?  Basically, because we can make business  simple.  However, we can’t make it easy.  The journey will be hard work.  We have found that if a business owner can’t believe in a reward of 10X payback on your investment, he or she may not be willing to put that hard work in.  We’re all about success at Core Money Engine.  Your success.  If you're not seeing a 10X payback on your investment in us, we don't consider this a success.


Contact us today to see if it’s right for us to get together and chat. 

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