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Money on the Table Book

Excerpt from the forward

Over the years, I’ve studied the process of developing relationships.  I found several factors that contribute to developing a referral relationship and if practiced consistently, lead to an ongoing stream of referrals.  ‑us, the Relationship Maturity Model was born.  Soon after, I uncovered a weakness.  For some Network Partners, referrals would dry up.  We would go through our Contacts and ultimately run out of people to refer back and forth.  

Reading Money on the Table changed everything!  Not only does this book redefi­ne the basis of how Power Teams are formed and grow, it includes a new, step-by-step easy-to-follow series of activities to capitalize on the relationships built through the Relationship Maturity Model™.  Together, the two methodologies offer readers an incredibly systematic, repeatable and controllable process to develop mutually profi­table referral relationships!

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