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Working in, on, and for your business

What we do

        We help business owners make more money and work less

When we tell people that we help business owners make more money and work less, they usually say, “Wow! Doesn’t everyone want that! But how do you do that?”

The Core Money Engine process starts with a FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Wait! What’s the catch? No catch.     

  • No high pressure sales
  • No tricky tactics
  • No fancy presentations

Just a conversation. The aim of this is to decide if you’re a fit for us and if we’re a fit for you. We discuss with you your business as it is today and where you’d like it to go. We try to find a set of simple actions you can take to improve your business so you make 10X your investment- $10 in profits to you for every $1 you invest in us. If we can’t find that OR you don’t agree, we simply depart as new business friends. No constant emails, phone calls and messages, mailings. We promise.

If, however, we decide we both can see the 10X payback, discuss the time and money that it will take to realize your goals. If that fits your budget, then we begin working together.

Phase 1

The effort usually is in two phases. First, we work on some immediate actions to help you immediately eleviate your biggest concerns and realize one or more of the following:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved profits
  • More cash

Or other issues keeping you from thinking longer term. Like everything we do, this is customized to you, not some canned program.


When we’re well on our way in Phase 1, we begin to look at Phase 2 – how to grow your business to be a long term asset. First, we identify your Core Money Engine – the three or four processes in your business where you make your money. We implement a business system methodology to make your business controllable and repeatable. This helps you to be able to hire the right people to help you grow your business. When we have a completely staffed Core Money Engine, then we look at what we need to do to replicate that Core Money Engine wherever we need to so that we can grow the business value to what you need to put you in a position so you can stop working and enjoy your life. Sure, you may decide to still work – but only at what you want, when you want, for a price you command – not because you need to for money to live.

Does this sound like something you’d like to explore?

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